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Vietnam ilmenite cannot export inventory increases
Author:管理员    Release Time:2012-12-27 17:10:40    Type:【Large】【Medium】【Small

 【Vietnam ilmenite cannot export inventory increasessince July 1, 2012 the implementation of the export ban Vietnam ilmenite since, as of the end of 10 due to the inability to export, processing of titanium iron ore inventory ( including the previous inventory ) has exceeded 1,000,000 tons. This data is from the Vietnamese association president Le Van Lich titanium released. According to the Vietnamese Prime Minister’s instructions, in June 30, 2012 after the titanium iron ore export is banned. Exacerbated by increased inventory situation, because of the limited processing capacity.

   The association also said, there are only 32 enterprises with titanium iron ore mining permit, an annual production capacity of 1,260,000 tons only. The ilmenite concentrate mining licenses owned by 2020 will increase by 43 companies. Therefore, the new production of titanium iron concentrate and the difference between the domestic processing capacity will reach 1,000,000 tons per year. Le Van Lich president, said the difference, if continue to expand, not worrying. Therefore the association submitted to the government, reduce export tariffs, to reduce the difference the titanium iron ore export plan.

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