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Titanium dioxide industry access conditions
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 【Titanium dioxide industry access conditions For the effective containment of the titanium dioxide industry is blind investment, prevent low-level redundant construction, promote the upgrading of the industrial structure, according to the relevant state laws and regulations and industrial policies, in accordance with the adjustment of structure, for the effective containment of the titanium dioxide industry is blind investment, check low-level repeat construction, promote the upgrading of the industrial structure, according to the relevant state laws and regulations and industrial policies, according to adjusting structure, effective competition, reduce consumption, protect environment and safety production principles, eliminate and restrict backward production capacity and technology, increase industry resource integration effectively, promote the sustainable and healthy development of titanium white industry, to the titanium dioxide ( chloride, sulfuric acid method ) industry puts forward the following access conditions.

    1    The production enterprises layout

    According to the resource, energy, environment capacity and market supply and demand situation, the provinces ( autonomous region, municipality, municipality directly under the central government ) should be strictly in accordance with the relevant state industrial policies, industry development planning requirements, in order to "optimize the layout, orderly development, adjust a structure, save energy, protect environment, safe production, technology progress, sustainable development" principles of preparation of titanium dioxide industry structural adjustment program, and reported to the relevant state departments for the record industry, scientific and reasonable layout, the region to guide the healthy development of titanium white industry, to curb the blind expansion.

    (1) Where the State Council, the relevant departments of the state and the province ( autonomous region, municipality directly under the central government) regulations of the people's governments of scenic areas, nature reserves, conservation areas of drinking water and other places that need special protection, city planning area outside the boundary is within 2 kilometers, main rivers, highway, railway, waterway mainline District, residents gathered, as well as schools, hospitals and other prevent contamination of food, medicine, precision manufacturing products such as business around 1 km, not new titanium powder production plant.

    (2) New or expanded titanium dioxide production unit must comply with the relevant state policies and the local area of titanium dioxide industry development planning, to achieve resource, comprehensive utilization of energy. In titanium dioxide production capacity of large areas, the local government to the principle of ensuring the safety, scientific planning, rational layout, in accordance with the concept of circular economy, the construction of the regional including titanium dioxide, chemical industrial park, to focus on production, waste management.

    2Scale, technology and equipment

    In order to meet the energy saving and environmental protection, comprehensive utilization of resources and the requirements for safety, realize the reasonable scale economy. Scale, technology and equipment shall meet the following requirements.

    (1) New titanium dioxide enterprises with an annual output capacity to reach 50000 tons and above (method using sulfuric acid) and 60000 tons and above (chlorination). Encourage new sulfate process titanium dioxide industry by acid containing titanium slag as the raw material and continuous acid hydrolysis, hydrolysis process and matching device thereof. Rotary kiln gas must be comprehensive utilization. Titanium white new production device must use Ti02 content 92% (including synthetic rutile, titanium rich material). Encourage new chlorination process titanium dioxide production device with large chlor-alkali deep processing enterprises supporting construction.

    (2) The existing comprehensive production capacity of 10000 tons ( method using sulfuric acid), the monomer unit 1 5 tons ( chlorination ) following the titanium dioxide production device and no perfect waste treatment device or processing device abnormal operation, before the end of 2012, shall be eliminated.

    (3) The main production process device specific requirements are as follows

    2.1 main process equipment and production capacity of sulfuric acid method

    Sand mill volume 500 L, 1000 L;

    Acid hydrolysis pot 90 m³;

    Hydrolysis pot 60 m³;

    Calcining kiln diameter Φ≥ 2800mm;

    Gas powder machine 42 inch;

    Waste acid concentrating device production ability and capacity balance2.O million tons / year, level set;

    Device controls the level of DCS control

    2.2 Chlorination process for production capacity of equipment

    chlorination furnace on the production of TiCl4 120 t;

    Refining of single equipment production capacity of the production of TiCl4 65t;

    Oxidation furnace on the production of semi-finished products of titanium dioxide 45 t;

    post-processing apparatus single day production capacity of 50t (device level with sulfuric acid method);

    device controls the level of DCS control.

    2.3 main technical requirements

    products meet GB / TI706-2006 standard;

    Titanium metal recovery rate.

    Sulfuric acid method: (titanium dioxide content of 46%) 83% (titanium dioxide content of 78%) 88%;

    Chlorination: 89%.

    3The consumption of energy and resources comprehensive utilization

    4Security, health, environmental protection

    (1) The enterprise must have the system can meet the need of production capacity of wastewater treatment field;

    (2) The enterprise must have a complete waste acid treatment device and for more than a year of operating cycle, operating rate of more than 70% months;

    (3) The enterprise must improve the exhaust gas processing device and there is more than one year operation period, the operation of the device must be simultaneously with production

    (4) The enterprise must have closed industrial waste treatment process and apparatus;

    (5) The enterprise must have the waste acid, waste recycling and comprehensive utilization project and its device;

    (6) Sulfate, chloride process titanium dioxide production process generated waste acid, waste chlorine gas and wastewater, waste residue must be strictly in accordance with national hazardous waste management regulations, hazardous waste discharge and disposal of standard and " titanium dioxide pollutant discharge standard " under the various requirements, strict monitoring. Unauthorized emissions in the process did not meet the case of non-waste, stockpiling and landfill.

    (7)The consent and approval, new construction, renovation and expansion of sulfuric acid method, chloride process titanium dioxide production plant must be accredited by a nationally recognized design unit design and qualification units organization's environmental, health, safety assessment, and strict implementation of national, industry, local management norms and standards, and sound management system.

    5supervision and management

    (1) In accordance with the relevant provisions of the state investment management, strict construction, reconstruction and extension of caustic soda, titanium dioxide project approval, approval or filing procedure management, new construction, renovation and expansion of sulfuric acid method, chloride process titanium dioxide project must be in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the State to implement security clearances, environmental impact assessment, land use, project filing or approval of management

    (2) Before new construction, renovation and expansion of sulfuric acid method, chloride process titanium dioxide production plant is put into operation, To the provincial level and above, investment, land, environmental protection, security, quality inspection departments and industry experts to the joint inspection unit, to be checked in accordance with the conditions of the access requirements, in the reached before access conditions, shall not be carried out trial production. The examination does not meet the requirements shall be ordered to make rectification within a time limit.

    (3) Does not comply with the access conditions for new construction, renovation and expansion of sulfuric acid method, chloride process titanium dioxide production project, Land and resources management departments are allowed to provide land, safety supervision departments are allowed to apply for security clearances, environmental protection administrative department shall not apply for environmental approval procedures, and financial institutions are not allowed to provide credit support, a power supply unit in accordance to stop power supply with the law. The local people's governments or relevant departments decided to withdraw or ordered to suspend construction projects with the low.

    (4)Provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) of titanium dioxide industry authorities to strengthen the titanium dioxide production enterprises implement the access conditions to carry out supervision and inspection. China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association and China Coating Industry Association to actively publicize and implement the national industrial policy, strengthen self-discipline, and to assist the relevant government departments to do a good job industry supervision, management.

    6 Annex

    (1) The access conditions apply to the People’s Republic of China (excluding Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao regions) sulfate process, the chloride process titanium dioxide production enterprises.

    (2) The access conditions since the 2012 month day onwards, and is responsible for the interpretation by the National Development and Reform Commission. The National Development and Reform Commission will be revised in accordance with the titanium dioxide industry development and national macro-control requirements.


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